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What Are Magnetic Metals Apex Magnets BlogParamagnetic metals are very weakly magnetic in comparison to ferromagnetic metals Unlike ferromagnetic materials these do not retain magnetism once a magnetic field is removed Some examples of paramagnetic metals are platinum and aluminum Diamagnetic Metals Instead of being strongly or weakly attracted to magnets this type of metal is -magnetic iron weakly-,The Magnetic Minerals Amethyst Galleries Mineral GalleryThe Magnetic Minerals are few but the property is important because of this fact Once a specimen is established as magnetic identification becomes a rather routine exercise The mineral magnetite is named after this characteristic Magnetism occurs most often when there is an imbalance in the structural arrangement of the iron ions …… Get More

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High Intensity Magnetic Sorting Drums for Weakly Iron

Magnetic Sorting Drums Magnetic Drums Iron Debris Separation Drums manufacturer supplier in China offering High Intensity Magnetic Sorting Drums for Weakly Iron Debris Separation Wet Magnetic Permanent Drum Separator Machine Mineral Stone Drum Magnetic Separator Wet Drum Magnetic Separator and so on
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Why geologist do not consider molten iron in the magma to

The liquid iron as the other answer states cannot have a permanent field There may be a mechanism by which the solid core may have a weak magnetic field An initial magnetic field is needed for the dynamo model to work Given a magnetic field a dynamo can make it
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Magnetite The mineral Magnetite information and pictures

Magnetite is an important ore of iron Well formed crystals are popular among mineral collectors and the magnetic Lodestone variety is frequently sold in hobby shops to amateur collectors Magnetite is also of significant interest to the science community due to its strong magnetic properties
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Particle Size Distribution Analyzer AN132

Particle Size Distribution Analyzer AN132 AApppplliiccaattiioonnss NNoottee Iron Oxides IRON OXIDES Iron oxides are used in a wide variety of forms and have many uses The majority are used as pigments or for their magnetic properties
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Eriez Trap Magnets

The Xtreme® style Rare Earth RE separators available from Eriez remove weakly magnetic or very fine iron contaminants Eriez Rare Earth develops a magnetic field up to 25 times the strength of conventional ceramic magnet material All models of Eriez
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How strong are magnets Cool Experiments with Magnets

In the center between the poles of a magnet there is very little magnetic field or flux outside the magnet All of the flux is inside the magnet itself Because of this iron is weakly attracted to the middle of the magnet if at all However the end or pole of a magnet will easily stick to any part of an iron
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Weakly magnetic iron ore beneficiation technology-Ore

Weakly magnetic iron ore beneficiation technology 1 single weakly magnetic iron ore include sedimentary-metamorphic sedimentary hydrothermal deposits and weathered deposit hematite siderite ore limonite and hematite spiegeleisen siderite stone and so on
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Standard Test Methods for Permeability of Weakly Magnetic

1 3 Materials typically tested by these methods such as austenitic stainless steels may be weakly ferromagnetic That is the magnetic permeability is dependent on the magnetic field strength As a consequence the results obtained using the different methods may not closely agree with each other
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Magnetic Fluid Line Filters Magnetool

Magnetic Fluid Line Filters Trap the iron that damages your tools Magnetool permanent magnet filters or fluid line filters reduce tool and work piece damage caused by ferrous metal chips filings and dust which get into coolant systems during burnishing drilling milling grinding broaching and other machining operations
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Q & A Is gold magnetic Department of Physics

Pure gold is not magnetic That is it doesn't form a magnet on its own If you put it in a magnetic field it will magnetize a tiny bit but only so long as it's in the field and the direction of the magnetizaqtion makes it weakly repel the magnet There are alloys of gold for example gold
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Magnetic seeding flocculation of weakly magnetic iron

Magnetic seeding flocculation MSF has been proven as a successful pretreatment for High Gradient Magnetic Separation HGMS of weakly magnetic finely-sized oxidized iron minerals such as specularite limonite and siderite
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What Types of Metal are Attracted to Magnets Sciencing

Iron cobalt and nickel as well as alloys composed of these ferromagnetic metals are strongly attracted to magnets Other ferromagnetic metals include gadolinium neodymium and samarium Paramagnetic metals are weakly attracted to magnets and
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wet magnetic separation iron ore concentrate SZM

Magnetic separation is the only effective way of separating the valuable components of iron ore from the diamagnetic inclusions so far as the extractable iron compounds have a high magnetic susceptibility as a rule 20†90·10-7 m3/kg8
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Magnetic Properties Mineral Properties The Mineral and

Several minerals react when placed within a magnetic field Some minerals are strongly attracted to the magnet others are weakly attracted and one mineral is actually repelled There are also several minerals that are attracted to magnetic fields only when heated
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Magnetism Flashcards Quizlet

Materials that are weakly repelled by all magnetic fields including both north and south poles Ex beryllium bismuth and lead In the presence of a magnetic field causes the electrons to speed up or slow down This results in a change of the magnetic moment in a direction opposite the applied magnetic field causing the material to repel
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